As NBC's "The Voice" has been gearing up for its season three premiere, coaches Blake Shelton, Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine have been dropping hints about the changes that will be in place when viewers tune in beginning Sept. 10. At a press conference held at the Mailbu home of mega-successful reality-TV producer Mark Burnett, the four judges, joined by host Carson Daly and the series' social-media expert Christina Milian, explained some of the show's new elements.

"The Steal" will allow coaches to snag a contestant who's been eliminated by another of the coaches. The judges will only be allowed to choose two additional team members, leading to another new feature, the "Knockout Rounds," in which the teams will be narrowed down to five members each before beginning the live episodes. The additional elements will, according to Blake, add a bit more pressure to the competition.

"There's nothing that's more nerve-wracking than knowing, 'OK, both these singers did really good and I gotta pick one and I know damn good and well one of these other three are gonna steal the person I don't pick,'" says the country superstar (quote via Rolling Stone). "There's a chance that person may go on and win this and that's gonna make me look really stupid. That definitely goes on in your mind. As an artist and somebody on television I have enough of an ego that I don't want to look that stupid. I want to look brilliant."

Whether he ends up looking stupid or brilliant, Blake knows the show will continue being just as exciting as ever for the home viewers.

"Here's the truth," he explains. "As much as we want to sit up here and talk about how different this show is, and it is, what people love the most is those damn buttons. People love to see us hit those buttons and somebody's life is changed at that moment. This is another way of changing somebody's life later on in the show, where they think all hope is lost, they're going home, the next thing you know the button gets pushed and they're right back in the game again. That's pretty exciting."

In a video promo for the new season, Blake unabashedly refers to himself as the "returning champion" since his contestant, Jermaine Paul was the season two winner, but in spite of some rocky moments they've endured with each other, the coaches confirm that their bond has strengthened since the first season. Because the show will run this year in both the fall and spring seasons, resulting in one or more of them possibly having to take a sabbatical to go on tour, that closeness obviously remains.

"For me, there's nobody comes to mind that can replace my Blake, my Adam and my Christina," says Cee Lo Green.

The Voice season three premiere airs Monday, Sept. 10 at 8:00 PM ET.

Watch a Report on the New Season of 'The Voice'

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