The Voice is set to start airing live episodes in several weeks, something that seems impossible with all four coaches and the competing singers sheltering at home due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. But producers of the NBC series have a plan.

Blake Shelton shared what he knew on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday night (April 13). (Nick Jonas, John Legend and Kelly Clarkson are the other three coaches for Season 18, and Carson Daly is the host.) Thus far, all episodes of The Voice have been pre-taped from the studio in Los Angeles, Calif.

Moving forward, however, producers of the TV singing competition are going to have to ask the talent to work remotely, much like Shelton did for his interview with Fallon. “Especially in LA, we’re not going to be ready to have events again," Shelton says. "It’s gonna be crazy. We’re gonna have to coach like this … it’s gonna be nuts.”

The "Nobody But You" singer admits he's not tech-savvy, and, thus, isn't familiar with the terms or even the full plan for the live shows (his girlfriend Gwen Stefani's brother set up his computer for the Fallon interview, in fact). But he's been in the loop on internal communications and believes the six to seven weeks of shutdown have been enough time for producers to develop a plan.

“I think they have a plan and they’re gonna tell me when to be at the computer," he says. "And I’ll listen to [contestants], I guess, perform, and give ‘em some pointers. I don’t know.”

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Live episodes of The Voice are slated to begin on May 4. The show airs Monday nights on NBC, at 8PM ET.

Live episodes of another TV singing competition, American Idol, were supposed to begin last week. Plans for the ABC show are less clear, causing some to speculate that the season could be scrapped. During a Facebook Live chat, judge Katy Perry didn't have much to say about the future of American Idol, other than that everyone will need to be creative.

At last check, American Idol had trimmed their number of contestants down to 20, but filled a week of programming with an American Idol: This Is Me clip episode. Per Billboard, another This Is Me episode will air on Sunday (April 19).

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