Portland-based folk duo the Talbott Brothers are premiering their brand-new song "One Day Soon" exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play below to listen.

Co-written by the band's Tyler and Nick Talbott, the sweet, laid-back melody of "One Day Soon" obscures the anxiety in its lyrics. "They promised hope, but I've heard that all before / And all the blood I poured won't be your free ride back to shore," the pair sing in the second verse. "I've been thinking that we all want a taste of fame / But lately all I hope is that my kid's proud of his name."

""One Day Soon" is a song about struggling to be happy. It’s watching others around you succeed while wrestling with your own path and choices," the Talbott Brothers tell The Boot. Ultimately, it's a hopeful song, a reminder that "someday" is, eventually, on the way.

Fans of John Mayer, Mumford & Sons and Jason Isbell will find a lot to like in the Talbott Brothers' music. They're set to release their sophomore album, titled Ghost Talker, next month. The band says this new effort is all about keeping it real.

"Everyone has ghosts, whether they talk about them or not," the Talbott Brothers say. "We wanted to take off the mask and be honest with this record, hoping that what we needed to say is what people needed to hear."

Ghost Talker is set for release on Oct. 18. Visit TheTalbottBrothers.com for more.

Listen to the Talbott Brothers' "One Day Soon"

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