The Swon Brothers' last full-length album, their eponymous debut, was released on Arista Nashville in October of 2014, one year after the brother duo came in third place on The Voice. In the two years since, Colton and Zach Swon, who released their Timeless EP in January, have been busy on the road, including spending most of their 2016 with Carrie Underwood on her Storyteller Tour. Still, they found some time to record a new set of tunes, which they say will be available in early 2017.

"This summer, we took the summer off, after June, and we went in and cut a lot of new music," Zach Swon tells The Boot. "On the second leg of the [Storyteller] Tour, we [played] some of the tunes, and they’ve been going over great. So, first of the year, we’ll have new music out."

Adds Colton Swon, "The good news is, it’s done. The bad news is, we have to wait just a little bit."

The Swon Brothers left Arista Nashville after their freshman project, but the guys say that while they have talked to other labels, they will gladly release the new record themselves, if it will make their fans happy.

"When you start talking to these people, it just takes time to figure out what’s good for both parties," Colton Swon explains. "We’ll release it label or not. It’s for the fans."

And when it comes time for the Swon Brothers to head back out on the road again, they'll also have a new appreciation for putting on a big tour, thanks to Underwood.

"We [learned] a lot," shares Zach Swon. "[It was] definitely a first for us. We’ve never been in the round at 360 degrees ... [We were] in our beds maybe four or five times, in our home. But that’s a good thing. I wouldn’t have traded it for anything. It’s been an amazing year."

Continues Colton Swon, "Last year, I saw Bob Seger at Madison Square Garden, and I remember thinking, ‘Man, It would be really awesome to get to play this place.' And then we got to play it. It’s very, very, very surreal. That’s a 'bucket list' [item]. All I can say is, thank you Carrie Underwood."

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