The Sisterhood Band's Alyssa Bonagura and Ruby Stewart come from popular music royalty: Stewart is the daughter of ageless pop-rock wonder Rod Stewart, while Bonagura’s parents, Kathie Baillie and Michael Bonagura, made up the core of late '80s country hitmakers Baillie & the Boys.

With such cool parents, it’s hard not to wonder how the country duo’s members ever managed to rebel. Stewart tells The Boot that she showed shades of rock rebellion at times, sneaking out of the house as a teenager and pulling the old "cellophane over the toilet seat" prank on her dad. Still, she insists that she’s the nerd of the band.

“I’m maybe the more mysterious one, but I’m definitely not the cool one,” Stewart told The Boot during the 2019 Hometown Rising festival in Louisville, Ky. “I read poetry books and write things on a typewriter. I’m definitely not the cool one.”

Fortunately, Stewart heeds her dad’s better advice: “It was his idea to start this band,” she adds. “Alyssa and I were doing our solo projects, and we were like, ‘I don’t know about that. We’re doing our own thing.’

"He was right," she adds. "Listen to your parents. You’ve got to listen to your parents.”

Bonagura’s parents are no less cool, considering that they sang backup vocals on the Ramones’ “Sheena Is a Punk Rocker” years before achieving country stardom. Of her mother, Bonagura says, “We had this weird 'sister' relationship too, which was really awesome, because I was an only child."

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