Property Brothers stars Drew and Jonathan Scott, who together make up the Scott Brothers, recently released a "country version" of "My House" -- originally made a hit by Flo Rida -- but they're not looking for a career boost because of it. Rather, the brothers recorded the single to support St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, which will receive all of the proceeds from its sales.

"I was actually cruising in the car, and [Flo Rida's version of "My House"] came on," Jonathan Scott recently recalled to The Boot. "I’m a car singer; I will admit, I’m a car karaoke kind of guy. So I was singing this song, and I was like, ‘This song is fantastic, and it would make an amazing country song.'"

Adds Drew Scott, "You hear that song, and most people know it; even if they don’t know the name of it, they know it. It’s in TV shows, it’s in movie soundtracks, it’s on the radio for a few seconds in commercials; it’s everywhere. And so, we just thought, there’s so many crossovers between country and hip-hop, country-pop, country-rock, these days, we thought that would be perfect."

The Scotts recruited good friend Eric Paslay to contribute guest vocals. Paslay sings on the entire track -- though that wasn't the Scott Brothers' original intention.

"I wanted him to try just doing the rap part of the song. And when he started singing, we’re like, ‘Dude, we’re featuring you on this whole thing,'" Jonathan Scott recounts. "He’s so fantastic. It was originally going to be him doing a quick little pop in, a quick cameo, and we ended up featuring him on the whole song."

The music video for "My House," which readers can watch below, is one big party -- and that's exactly how it was during filming. The clip was shot at the Scotts' house in Las Vegas -- "this great house for partying," as Drew Scott describes it.

"We have the water slide. We have all our friends in Vegas. We had dancers come in. We had flame breathers … llamas, monkeys," Scott continues. "This was an epic party."

"I didn’t even realize how many mermaid friends I have," Jonathan Scott adds with a laugh, "but I have a lot of mermaid friends."

Still, while the Scott Brothers had fun recording "My House" and shooting its video, supporting St. Jude with the single is what's most important to them.

"The main thing for me is, it gives kids a chance to be kids," remarks Drew Scott. "Everything that St. Jude does, whether it’s the way they have the cafeteria -- even the smell, it smells like home. It doesn’t smell like a hospital, it doesn’t look like a hospital, and the kids have smiles on their faces because there’s so many different programs and things in place to make them feel like they can just be kids."

Supporting St. Jude through their music was an easy decision for the Scotts, and they hope to inspire their fans to do the same.

"Our whole goal is to show our audience what we’re passionate about," explains Jonathan Scott. "We’ve supported St. Jude for a long time, and we also have been singing -- and, Drew, playing the guitar -- since we were kids, so we thought, this is a perfect way to marry those and do a little something extra for St. Jude."

"My House" is available for download on iTunes. Visit for more information about St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, or to make a donation.

Watch the Scott Brothers' "My House" Music Video

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