The Ragbirds, hailing from Ann Arbor, Mich., are letting The Boot's readers hear "Little Ties," from their upcoming album The Threshold & the Hearth, first.

"Little Ties" is an upbeat, high-spirited, fast-paced track that helps tie the whole record together.

"The Threshold & the Hearth tells the story of a young couple named Betty and Bill who meet and fall in love as young college students and then try to make a go of a lifetime together," Erin Zindle, co-founder of the Ragbirds, explains. "Their marriage is fraught with complications, and they struggle with the idea of becoming one, since they are quite opposite people to begin with."

Betty and Bill's story unfolds throughout the entire album, and "Little Ties" is the end chapter.

"I thought of this song as a reprise -- a lighthearted recap of the story in a sense. It summarizes their life together, from winning each other over to finding themselves at odds, with a resolution in the third verse as Bill pleads for forgiveness and ultimately Betty realizes that they are so tangled together by their love that she can't just leave him. As hard as their life together is, they both feel a deep longing to make it work," Zindle continues. "The 'little ties' represent all the many ways we are bound to each other, through emotion, promises and practicality."

With a bluegrass spin, Cajun flavor and violin, "Little Ties" is a standout song that's perfect for welcoming spring. The tune's "c'est la vie" attitude helps keep the song feeling approachable, even with a deep subject matter.

"I think that keeping a light perspective on difficult relationships in the long run helps them to be stronger," Zindle notes. "If you can laugh about how hard it is, things don't seem quite as hard."

Press play below to hear "Little Ties."

The Ragbirds, who are signed with Rock Ridge Music, will release The Threshold & the Hearth on March 25. The project was written and recorded in the wake of the birth of Zindle and fellow co-founder Randall Moore's first child. Throughout their years together, the Ragbirds have played many different styles of music, including Celtic, tango, African numbers and gypsy-sounding pieces, but this specific record feels like "the sound we've been searching for," Zindle says.

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Listen to the Ragbirds, "Little Ties":

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