Folksy Texas duo the Powell Brothers are premiering their brand-new song "Don't Say Goodbye" exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play below to listen to the gentle, emotive tune.

The bright, breezy vocals of Taylor Powell blend with his brother Blake Powell's measured, delicate guitar on "Don't Say Goodbye," co-written by the band's friend and fellow songwriter Grace Pettis. The song explores the permanence and finality of saying the word "goodbye."

"We'll say goodnight, we'll leave on the light / Fingers unwind, but don't say goodbye / It sounds like forever," Taylor Powell sings tenderly on the chorus. "Here at the start, a first look at your heart / Soon I'll be gone, in a plane, flying over the sun on your shoulder."

For touring musicians who are always out on the road as the Powell Brothers are, "Don't Say Goodbye" hits home in a particularly personal way: "It's about the struggle of having to part ways, and the hope that you will find your way back," Taylor Powell tells The Boot. "In our line of work, we are in a different town every night. One of the hardest parts of this life, for me, is deciding how much to open up to the people we meet. The closer you let yourself get, the harder it is to say goodbye at the end of the night."

Based in Houston, Texas, the Powell Brothers are earning crowds of fans thanks to appearances alongside major country acts including Billy Currington, Lee Brice, Granger Smith, Josh Turner and Suzy Bogguss. In February, the band will release their first full-length album, titled Leave on the Light, on which "Don't Say Goodbye" appears. Written in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in 2017, the record explores "perseverance, resilience and life on the road."

Leave on the Light is due out on Feb. 15. Visit to learn more.

Listen to the Powell Brothers, "Don't Say Goodbye":

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