Talk about being at the right place at the right time! The Lost Trailers were in Grand Rapids, Mich. last week, doing a photo shoot just down the road from where Kenny Chesney was playing. The guys were in the middle of the shoot when they got a frantic call from Chesney's tour manager.

"Hey, Kenny's trying to find you guys," guitarist Stokes Neilson recalls. But Neilson knew that Chesney was in the middle of his concert, so he was a bit confused until the voice on the other end of the phone said, "He wants you guys to join him!"

The five Lost Trailers sprinted out the door and ran a half mile to the arena where Chesney was performing. They made it just in time to join Chesney onstage for a cover of Steve Miller's 'The Joker.'

"It was thrilling," said Neilson. "Ten minutes before, we were shooting photos for our video, and now we're onstage at sold out Van Andel Arena with Kenny Chesney. We've been playing together since high school and to look over and see Potter on drums and my brother [Andrew] at the keys, Manny on bass, I've been handed a guitar and Ryder out there singing with Kenny -- it's more than a career highlight, it's a lifelight."

"Kenny is the Entertainer of the Year not only because he works his tail-off, but also because he's a great guy," adds lead singer Ryder Lee. "Not only did he come over to our show and video shoot the night before, he invited us on stage to play with him. That's the kind of person he is."