The Infamous Stringdusters have released the first single from their forthcoming album, Laws of Gravity, and they're sharing a music video for the song exclusively with readers of The Boot! Click play to watch "Gravity," and read on to learn about the down-to-Earth type of love it represents.

Written by Stringdusters bassist Travis Book with his wife and fellow songwriter, Sarah Siskind, "Gravity" is a "straightforward love song" perfectly complemented by intricate banjo melodies and sweeping fiddles. It's the Infamous Stringdusters at their best, with all of the band's members playing to their strengths, adding their own unique elements to a song that feels at once dynamically multilayered and pure-and-simple bluegrass.

"Saw you from a distance / Swinging from the highline / All the ones before you / Vanished in a moment's time," goes the first verse of "Gravity." "We thought the race was a long road / We didn't know that we'd win it / We thought the good times were yet to come / We didn't know we were in 'em."

The chorus of "Gravity" is simple: It's just four words, but combined with the seamless harmonies that the Stringdusters are known for and the meaning behind the song's words, "Gravity" seems to find perfection in the simplicity.

"The chorus is, ‘Gravity / Don't let go,’ because I think all relationships are tenuous to some degree, and every relationship has its own," Book tells The Boot. "It’s like something spinning: The center is like the center of the Earth’s planet that holds us together. When a relationship is working, when it’s jiving, it has this momentum, and if that momentum decreases, it’s almost like a spinning top ... You think there’s some trajectory, but this is what it’s like to be in a relationship. And then, hoping that gravity doesn’t let go, the forces that hold the Earth together don’t just end and you all just sort of go floating off into space.”

Indeed, gravity is a strong theme, not just in the Stringdusters' new single but in their upcoming new album as a whole. Written primarily while the band was touring, Laws of Gravity is, as guitarist Andy Falco says, about life on the road as "musical nomads" and the varying forces that "[keep] you grounded and [pull] you home." In that regard, "Gravity" was the perfect first single, not just because it shared a word with the album's title.

“We felt like this song was really spot on and a really great representation of the record as a whole and where the band is," Book says. "We also realized as we were sifting through the various songs and concepts, there was this common thread of gravity, or forces of nature, running through the album.”

The video for "Gravity" gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the band recording the song, revealing how the Stringdusters work collaboratively on all of their music and giving fans a sneak peek at the energy that the guys bring to their live shows.

“It’s really important to record together live because that’s how our music works, and that’s how it’s made on nightly basis," says Book. "More than making recordings or even playing shows, it’s the five of us together, creating and making music, listening to each other, playing off of each other and building. That’s what’s great about a string band: We are all contributing to the rhythm evenly, equally. There’s this alchemy to it."

Book adds that recording songs as a whole unit is a necessity for string bands. While bands of other genres may be able to record separately and then piece together the song, bluegrass groups are in danger of losing their unique cohesiveness if they do that.

“The music is such a folk art; it really, truly is the most alive when individuals in close proximity create the music in real time," he notes. "To record in any way other than that is a real departure from the true essence of a string band. That’s how the music comes into being, that’s how it sounds best, that’s when it’s most alive and most dynamic. So that’s how we feel we have to capture it when we make a record.”

Laws of Gravity is the eighth studio album from the Infamous Stringdusters and is set for release on Jan. 13. Fans can pre-order the album on iTunes and receive the song “This Ol’ Building," as well as "Gravity," immediately.

The Infamous Stringdusters will also hit the road in 2017, for an extensive tour in support of their album; a full list of dates is available on their website.

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