When the guys of the Ghost of Paul Revere are in control of the music, Radiohead and Black Sabbath sit beside Parker Millsap and the Milk Carton Kids, and a Nirvana track flows into something from the Beatles. The "holler folk" trio of Griffin Sherry, Max Davis and Sean McCarthy have found their musical influences in Americana and roots acts, but also in legends including Pink Floyd and Elvis Presley -- both also found on their playlist for The Boot.

"My first two musical obsessions were the Beatles and Elvis. I spent countless afternoons as a little kid pretending the vacuum cleaner was a guitar, singing my heart out to the Sun Record sessions," Sherry admits. Listeners will hear the Beatles "Flying" on the Ghost of Paul Revere's playlist, as well as Presley's "That's All Right;" of the King of Rock and Roll's work, Sherry adds, "There is a rawness to those songs, and a passion that I found myself drawn to."

Situated among the icons are some newer acts: McCarthy made sure to include Millsap's "Other Arrangements" and Mandolin Orange's "Wildfire." The former is the title track of Millsap's brand new album, released on May 4

"We were lucky enough to play a show with Parker Millsap a couple years ago, and he introduced this song during the show as 'something [they] were workin’ on.' I’ve been waiting for him to release it since," McCarthy admits, "and hearing it realized and recorded has been well worth the wait. I’ll forever have that hook in the chorus stuck in my head."

Some songs on this playlist weren't initially the band's favorites, though: Davis admits that "“Everybody’s Coming to My House” by David Byrne took some time to come around to.

"A majority of my favorite albums start as a challenge and slowly grow on me. Byrne’s latest release, [March's] American Utopia, has been challenging me; it pushes and prods, [but] I keep coming back for another listen," Davis says. "His attention to the stage he is on, both physically and metaphorically, is so inspiring. It seems that he never takes his position as a communicator, creator and entertainer for granted."

As a Portland, Maine-based trio, the Ghost of Paul Revere began to make waves after an appearance at the famed Newport Folk Festival led to their first full-length album in 2014. They're one of The Boot's 2018 Artists to Watch and released their newest album, Monarch, in late 2017. Press play below to get a listen to their complete playlist.

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