Husband-and-wife duo the Dryes raise a glass to their favorite spot for dancing and drinks -- Nashville's American Legion Post 82 -- in their new music video for "Take You Dancin'." The clip follows bandmates Katelyn and Derek Drye through a honky-tonk-themed date night out, putting a fun-loving spin on the video treatment for the pair's new single.

Appropriately enough for its themes of capturing the perfect two-stepping date night, the music video for "Take You Dancin'" will celebrate its official release on Valentine's Day (Feb. 14). Press play above to get a first look at the full clip, which is premiering exclusively for readers of The Boot.

""Take You Dancin'" became a song about how to get to this amazing bar that we love," Katelyn Drye explains. "The music video captures that exact same vibe at the local American Legion, which is where we happen to go to Honky Tonk Tuesdays here in Nashville."

"Yeah, that video was a blast," Derek Dye adds. "Cory Reynolds did the entire thing with his team in one day, including those closeup shots while riding beside this classic 1970 Mustang that I was driving."

Co-written by the Dryes along with Parker Welling Nohe and Greg Bates, "Take You Dancin'" is the band's first single release of 2020. It captures an energy that they're hoping will kick off an exciting year ahead.

"All in all, we're expecting big things with this tune, but if all that happens is a sponsor from Texas Roadhouse and American Legion, I'll take my bread rolls with cinnamon butter and USDA Choice Sirloin down to Honky Tonk Tuesday to celebrate," Derek jokes.

The Dryes dropped their debut EP, Vol. 1, in 2018. Fans can keep up with the duo via their official website.

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