Jay Nash and Josh Day -- together known as the Contenders -- have a new album dropping in early November, and in advance of its release, they're sharing one of its new tracks with The Boot's readers. Press play below to hear "Finer Weather."

As Nash watched a couple of friends "try to save their relationships by moving themselves out of New York City to Los Angeles," he was inspired to write "Finer Weather." It's the only song on the Contenders' upcoming album that Nash and Day did not write together, but Day says that from the first time he heard "Finer Weather," it felt to him like a Contenders song.

"Much of the album deals with the growing social and political dysfunction taking place in our country right now and the concept of maintaining hope, connection and ideals in these times," Nash explains. ""Finer Weather," on its surface, is a fairly simple story of a protagonist attempting to save his relationship by running from topical stressors.  However, in the writing room, Andrew Combs and I were trying to craft a topical example of the human tendency to brush things under the rug and attempt to solve complex, systemic dysfunctions with a overly simple solution."

In "Finer Weather," the Contenders sing, "Maybe the sun will make it better / We’ll get found in finer weather ..." Nash says that he hopes fans hear the song and "know that you are not alone in your struggle, and to feel that we are all connected."

The Contenders released their debut EP, Meet the Contenders, in 2014. "Finer Weather" will appear on the Contenders' next album, Laughing With the Reckless; the record is due out on Nov. 3 on Rock Ridge Music. Visit the Contenders’ website for more on the duo and their music.

Listen to the Contenders, "Finer Weather":

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