Sibling duo Josh and Zach Carter, formerly known as the Carter Twins, took to their official YouTube channel to premiere their new band name. Now collectively known as Kingston, the two decided in the name change after pursuing a different creative direction in the studio with new collaborators.

"We love it. We hope you guys love it as much as we do," says Zach of their new music. "It's still Josh and Zach Carter. It's still the people y'all fell in love with. We are still making the same kind of music ... still country. It's the next phase of us-- it's us 2.0! It better represents us in who we are now as artists than 'the Carter Twins' did."

The Ohio natives made their debut in 2009 with the release of a four-song EP, which featured the single, 'Heart Like Memphis.' Shortly after the release, the two parted ways with their record label, CMT Music.

As for their plans for a new album, Kingston divulge, "I think y'all are going to love the new music as much as we do. We are putting our blood, sweat and tears in it, so you better!"

Kingston also offer fans an acoustic version of their new song, 'Livin' on Loving You.' Click below to watch the video.

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