For the Burney Sisters, age ain't nothin' but a number. Sisters Olivia and Emma Burney are just 13 and 10 years old, respectively, but they've got talent that'll blow you away. Readers can press play below to hear the duo's "Ocean Eyes," premiering exclusively on The Boot.

Written by the Burneys and produced by JB Anderson, "Ocean Eyes" is a brief, peppy song wise beyond the sisters' years. The eyes are windows to the soul, so goes the saying, and the Burney Sisters aren't liking what they're seeing in this case.

"Your ocean eyes / You're lookin' at me with those ocean eyes / And now I know where you keep all your lies / Your ocean, ocean, ocean eyes ..." they sing. Their vocals are powerful, their melodies are pitch-perfect -- and, yes, their family harmonies are on point.

Natives of Columbia, Mo., the Burney Sisters started out by covering songs from some of their favorite artists -- the Avett Brothers, Cowboy Junkies and more -- but debuted their first original material on their 2017 EP Running Away. Olivia plays ukulele primarily, while Emma is a multi-instrumentalist: Guitar, bass, banjo, keyboard and fiddle are all in her repertoire.

"Ocean Eyes" is one of three tracks on the Burney Sisters' forthcoming EP, Where We Stand. That project is due out on Sept. 28, via Gaslight Records. Fans can keep up with the sibling duo on Facebook.

Listen to the Burney Sisters' "Ocean Eyes"

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