The Band of Heathens fans can look forward to new music in 2018. Band co-founders Ed Jurdi and Gordy Quist tell The Boot that there's something new in the works for next year -- though they're mum on the specifics.

"For us, it's like, alright, time to make another record," Quist tells The Boot, reflecting on the nine months since the Band of Heathens' newest album, Duende, was released. To that end, they've got "a couple things" percolating -- they're staying quiet about the details largely because they're not even sure exactly what those projects will look like just yet -- and will be working on their next new full-length record.

The Band of Heathens have been pleased with the response to Duende since its January release, Jurdi admits. They've found both old and new fans alike drawn to its sound, they think because of its rooted-in-rock foundation.

"We tend to explore different areas, maybe in a stronger way, and I think this record was really able to tie all that stuff together and kind of do it with a good rock 'n' roll foundation that kind of is the essence of the band," Jurdi says. Adds Quist, "I think we kind of learned on this record, this band loves playing rock 'n' roll, and I think that resonates with the people that like this band."

The Band of Heathens' sound flows from country to folk to rock, at least partially because they're not afraid to explore musically. With every record they make, the band is ready to learn something new.

"Without getting musically nerdy ... every record you make, you learn new things. You learn how to make new sounds, you learn how to incorporate melodies in different ways, use instruments differently, use voices differently," Jurdi explains. "To me, that's always been the most rewarding thing about writing music and singing and playing music: There's always more to learn; there's always time and space to get better at it."

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