Country singer TG Sheppard underwent a "somewhat minor" heart procedure at Vanderbilt in Nashville, Tenn., today (Jan. 13).

According to his wife, Kelly Lang, Sheppard had an ablation to help fix an irregular heart rhythm. WebMD explains that there are non-surgical and surgical ablations, and the type of arrhythmia, as well as other heart abnormalities, determines which type the patient undergoes. It’s not clear what variety Sheppard had.

"Although anytime you deal with the heart, it is considered a serious thing, we have been made assured that this is somewhat minor," Lang writes on Facebook. "It is a very long procedure, so please keep our family in your thoughts and prayers as we anxiously wait for the doctors to do their work."

The surgery was scheduled for 7 AM CT, and after promising to use Facebook to send out updates, Lang posted, just before 3:30 PM CT, that Sheppard "just got out of surgery."

"Whew! It has been a marathon day. Six hours total," she says. "All is well. He is in recovery and doing great. Prayers make such a difference. Praise God."

It's not clear if Sheppard's heart surgery is connected to residual effects of a bladder infection from 2012. He was hospitalized for the infection, as it caused a very high heart rate and had spread into his bloodstream.

The 69-year-old country legend had a strong career in the 1970s and '80s, churning out 15 No. 1 hits. 'Devil in a Bottle,' 'Slow Burn' and 'Last Cheater's Waltz' are just a few of his recognizable songs. His most recent solo release is 2004's 'Timeless,' on which he sang songs from the Big Band era.