In the aching wake of losing her beloved mother to cancer in April 2010, Terri Clark gathered up five of her favorite guitars and took herself out on the road to perform a string of all-acoustic shows, 'Unplugged and Alone' across America. It has been a cathartic undertaking, much like her self-produced 2009 album, 'The Long Way Home' was, as she courageously navigated the emotional hills and valleys of her mother's battle with cancer.

A year later, Terri is feeling -- for the first time since her mother's death last year -- the first warming rays of healing through the emotional journey of her music. As a result, she's currently putting the finishing touches on her eighth studio album.

"The reviewers said ['The Long Way Home'] was the best album ever and the fans loved it ... but now I'm ready to have some fun again," the Canadian-born songstress tells California newspaper, Chico Enterprise-Record.

"[My next album] is more bombastic than my first self-produced album ... bigger sound, bigger band," she continued. "And it's got some more light-hearted, rockin' type stuff on it. There's a lot more, 'Let's have a good time, because we're only here for a while' songs."

As she has been working on her new album, tracking vocals, Terri has been keeping fans updated, via her Twitter account.

"Been working hard in the studio this week. I'm so excited about this album. It's rockin -barn burning country, uber bar room traditional , contemporary and roots all rolled into one.

"Oh and the album is being released on July 26." she tweeted, back-to-back, last Friday (March 25).

Terri is finishing up her Unplugged and Alone tour with a show in St. George, Utah on April 1, and ending April 29 in Benton, Ky.

Watch Terri Clark's 'Dirty Girl'

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