Of all musical genres, country perhaps owes the most to the generational transfer of "Family Tradition" (lookin' at you, Hank!) Tales and tunes of all description get passed down from parents and grandparents over the years. From songs telling the stories of their predecessors to anthems of tribute for legacies handed down, country music is rich with the theme of family woven intricately through the generations.

From eye color to nicknames, work ethic to musical style, many country stars attribute their best traits to their grandparents. Dedicated fans, some of the grandmas and grandpas who showed up to live shows as young careers were born, were also on hand to watch their progeny realize dreams come true on legendary stages and in packed out arena shows. Some artists lost the relatives that inspired them before they made it big, but pay tribute in their music to loved ones who have passed on.

Click through the gallery below to find out how some of country's biggest stars drew inspiration, guidance, and sometimes a highly motivating boost from their grandparents along their way to success:

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