Florida-based singer-songwriter Terri Binion is exclusively premiering the music video for her song "Long Way Back" on The Boot.

"Long Way Back," off Binion's forthcoming record, The Day After the Night Before, is the type of song that evokes a million different emotions from just one listen. Grief, love, longing, sadness and hope are just a few of those emotions -- and it makes sense, since the tune encapsulates a massive amount of loss for Binion. Within one year, the artist lost both of her parents and her wife Tracy, the latter in a tragic accident.

"When I go swimming / In that deep green sea / I think of all the many ways / In which one could easily slip away," Binion sings vulnerably. "But I always return / To that shining shoreline / Because that long cold descent / Is simply no way to die."

She also addresses her long, unsuccessful bid for justice in the aftermath of her wife's death, battling a legal system that still struggles to recognize same-sex marriage: "It's hard not to question the universe's hand / And the twisted ways of the law / So I rebuild my faith one day at a time / It's a long way back to feeling good." Although it's now legal, same-sex couples still face discrimination and must often deal with red tape.

"The last year of my life has been about deep forgiveness and, therefore, being able to shed some of the past, especially in the way of physical matter and pain," Binion tells The Boot. "Conceptualizing for this video, producing and directing it was all work ... being on this side of the camera is uncomfortable for me. I set my feelings aside all along the process, but when we met the ocean for our final shots. there was apparently one last breakdown to bear."

Be sure to watch through the end of the clip; it's heartbreaking, but there's beauty in the brokenness and pain that Binion conveys.

"Long Way Back" is the opening track from The Day After the Night Before, which is due out on Friday (March 25). Binion's last album was released in 2004 and featured Lucinda Williams.

Fans can learn more about Binion on her Facebook page.