Up-and-coming country trio Temecula Road -- comprised of sisters Emma and Maddie Salute, as well as Dawson Anderson -- agree that, for whatever reason, their songs sound just a little bit better on the radio than they do on a CD. Still, there's one country radio "first" that the group has yet to achieve. Read on to learn more.

Dawson Anderson: We were actually in the car. Radio Disney was one of the first [stations] to play our song on radio, and we were in the car, and we knew it was coming. It wasn't like, "Oh my gosh, it's here." But you sound different! It's so weird.

Emma Salute: And to think that there are other people listening to it!

Anderson: And the song is better. For some reason, it's just better when you listen on the radio, through your car, how you listen to every other song driving around.

Maddie Salute: Yeah. You listen to your mixes and your masters on your car speakers, but it's just different.

Anderson: I bet you it doesn't sound better. I bet it's just the feeling.

But yeah, it was a cool day. It was really weird -- like, "Is this happening?!"... But we've never been in a situation where we're just listening to the radio, and weren't expecting it [and it came on]. I feel like that'll hit us a little differently, too.

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