Outlaw country four-piece Ted Z and the Wranglers are premiering their new song "Corner Store" exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play below to listen to the funky, hard-driving ode to a sticky-fingered love interest.

According to frontman Ted Z, "Corner Store" is a song about a girlfriend who's showing signs of kleptomania, though he doesn't disclose whether or not the colorful character in the lyrics is based on a real person. "Baby, don't you rob that corner store no more / Yeah, honey, don't you rob that corner store no more," Ted Z (full name: Ted Zakka) sings on the verse, trying to talk the protagonist out of more thefts. "I got a little bit of money we could spend / We could to ride to the riverside / Well darlin', hang out with some friends."

With a thumping bass line and lyrics that are perfect for hollering out in the middle of a honky-tonk, "Corner Store" is ridiculously catchy. "It's a nonsensical sing-a-long tune," says Zakka. "The call-and-response vocal parts make the song move and help the groovy drum and bass backbone feel funky and laid back."

Zakka is joined by bassist Collin McLean, Jackson Leverone on lead and slide guitar and drummer Jordan Lipp in Ted Z and the Wranglers. The group hails from California, where they built a following playing "big stages and biker bars alike." They signed with Rip Cat Records in 2015 and released their first album with the label, Ghost Train, that same year.

"Corner Store" appears on the band's forthcoming new album, titled Southland, set for release this fall. Visit TedZAndTheWranglers.com for more.

Listen to Ted Z and the Wranglers, "Corner Store":

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