She's at the head of practically every list that's being compiled these days, so it's no surprise that Taylor Swift is tops in Twitter-ing. Music Row magazine has scoured the popular social networking site, Twitter, and ranked the country artists who've amassed the greatest number of followers.

Taylor posts "tweets" (messages updating her status) on a regular basis throughout the day with the user name "taylorswift13." And with over 304,000 people following her, Taylor's are the tweets to beat. She's ranked No. 86 on the overall list of celebrity Twitter-ers and their followers. Ranking second on the country music list, and at No. 267 overall, is someone who isn't a country-music celeb at all. It's, in fact, a Taylor Swift wannabe, with the username "tayswift."

Taylor, in preparation for tonight's opening gig of her Fearless tour, has kept up the pace as one of the most prolific celebrity Twitter-ers, giving fans and followers updates several times a day, including: "wandering around an arena. By myself, looking like a lost child." or "Kellie just got here. She just watched my dress rehearsal and is recommending the perfect pairs of shoes to go with each of my outfits."

One artist who hasn't offered up a single tweet is Kenny Chesney (username: KennyChesney), yet he's already managed to gather up 5,487 followers. Other top-ranking Twitter-ers include Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood and Rascal Flatts (usernames and overall rankings below). Movie star Ashton Kutcher (username: aplusk) has the most Twitter followers of any celebrity, with 1,356,958 currently keeping tabs on the actor's tweet life.

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The numbers and ranking for Music Row's list are based on data at Because they tend to change regularly, all totals should be considered approximate.

Overall Rankings in Twitter Followers

#86 taylorswift13 - 304,804
#267 tayswift - 46,622
#1029 LeannRimes - 12,794
#1048 KeithUrban - 12,531
#1151 cUnderwood83 - 10,838
#1712 RascalFlatts - 8,101
#1713 Willie Nelson - 8,100
#1995 MartinaMcBride - 7,150
#2880 JulianneHough - 5,137
#4066 FaithHill - 3,885
#4352 SugarlandFans - 3,541
#4506 DierksBentley - 3,485
#4607 JohnRich - 3,385