Taylor Swift recalls that when she was a little girl -- not all that long ago considering she's only 19 -- she had big dreams.

"I would think about how lucky I would be if people cared about the words I wrote," Taylor tells The Boot. "I would think about how lucky I would be if one day I was walking through a mall and saw a little girl with my face on her T-shirt. I would think that if one day anyone lined up to ask me to sign something of theirs, that would be a good day!"

Now that those dreams have come true, Taylor is determined that she won't ever regret following them, no matter how hard she has to work. "I'm loving it! I get tired, but I never get tired of it," she explains. "When you spend so much time daydreaming about things like that, when that actually happens, you don't ever complain. When I go to a restaurant, do I know a line will form at the table? But didn't I always wish for that? Yeah I did. So I never want to be the girl who wanted something so bad her whole life and then when she gets it, she complains about it. I'm not gonna be that girl."

Besides, Taylor's fans keep things interesting for the teen superstar. "My fans can bring me some pretty interesting things to sign ... (like) the turtle shell with my face painted on it," she says. "They get me awesome presents. They bring me jewelry that is really awesome. A lot of the jewelry I wear comes from my fans."

In turn, Taylor has given her female fans a whole new fashion trend to follow. "I wasn't trying to make people dress a certain way, but seeing girls come to my show wearing sundresses and cowboy boots and curling their hair is one of my favorite experiences ever," Taylor says of the fashion phenomenon she started. "Early on, people thought I was weird for dressing the way I dressed, and weird for having curly hair. Now it is fun to see I'm not that weird anymore!"