Taylor Swift isn't just an award-winning songwriter and entertainer, she's also a blossoming fashion and beauty icon. The Cover Girl spokeswoman's makeup artist Lorrie Turk recently opened up to InStyle about how the songstress gets that stunning red carpet look.

"A few days before a big event, I'll ask Taylor's stylist Joseph Cassell for a photo of the dress she plans to wear," Lorrie explains to the magazine. "Along with that, I consider the particular award show or event she is attending and try to get an idea of whether the atmosphere is more casual or more formal that year."

After that, Lorrie consults Taylor's hairstylist Jemma Muradian before finalizing her makeup plans. "Jemma and I will look at the picture of her dress and discuss the direction we'd like to take with the hair and makeup," Lorrie says. "She and I both have our own ideas, but we like to hear each other's opinions to really bring the look together. We then take our ideas to Taylor, and the ultimate decision is hers."

When the day finally arrives and the country superstar sits down in the makeup chair, she isn't there to relax. "Whenever I'm doing her makeup, Taylor always seems to be the one entertaining the crew," Lorrie reveals. "Whether she's cracking jokes or just having a regular conversation with me, she is by far one of the funniest people I have ever known!"

When she's not cracking jokes, you may catch the 22-year-old in new music discovery mode. "Taylor always comes prepared with a playlist, so when she's in the makeup chair, we're all listening to the music she's loving at the time," Lorrie says. "Her musical taste is very diverse, and she's actually the one who will introduce me to new music!"

Check out the 2012 People's Choice Awards on Jan. 11 to see what kind of glam Taylor's team has in store for the event. The 'Ours' singer is nominated for three awards, including two in all-genre categories. Voting is still going on here.

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