With a Best New Artist Grammy nomination under her belt, country star Taylor Swift is already looking ahead. "I'm actually in the middle of recording the second album, so I can't even wait," she tells AOL Music. "I'm writing every song on it, just like I did my first album, and it's going to be better than the first."

Despite the success of her debut and the nomination, Swift is not resting on her laurels. "I never get comfortable with success. I absolutely love it," she says. "I freak out and get excited, but it doesn't make me feel like I have to work less hard on the second record. It makes me work harder."

With that drive behind her, Swift isn't nervous about any sophomore slump. "I have complete confidence the second record will beat the first creatively in all directions," she says. "It'll be so much cooler because these songs I've been writing out on the road. I've had two more years of life behind me. I'm really excited to get this out there and for people to hear the new music."

The morning of the noms, Swift earned a lot of fans with her youthful exuberance. When the Foo Fighters announced her name as a Best New Artist nominee, she hugged them. "It absolutely blows me away that these people even know my name and can pronounce it right," she says. Expect a lot of that same enthusiasm on Grammy night. "I would love to meet Beyonce and Kanye West. I think he's a really inspiring person."

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