Taylor Swift and John Mayer John Mayer thinks it's "totally sweet" that Taylor Swift is really in touch with who she is.

"It's almost like Taylor Swift is like a character in a movie about a small town girl who has her dreams come true, John tells Access Hollywood. "And what any small town girl would do when their dreams come true is to freak out."

After collaborating with Taylor on the song, 'Half of My Heart," for his latest album, 'Battle Studies,' John says he now considers Taylor a friend. And like any good friend, John wants to offer a piece of fully heartfelt advice.

"I still like it that she freaks out -- but pretty soon she's gonna have to stop, because it's sort of like, 'You're that good. You're that good. You might have to go to therapy, and have someone else tell you -- you're that good.'"

Even so, John still can't help but note, "It's great to have someone who's hugely talented, and still is able to receive the pleasure in all moments."

Having Taylor's name beside his on 'Half of My Heart' is a first for the acclaimed singer-guitarist.

"I don't normally make records to share tracks with people," he points out. " I've never had somebody's name underneath the title of my song -- and I couldn't be happier that she's on there. I think she's a really remarkable person, and it'll be nice to have her name on the record for the rest of my life."

John Mayer's 'Battle Studies' is available now.