Taylor Swift's new music video for 'Back to December' could be subtitled 'Chilly Scenes of Winter.' And that's exactly what the clip's director, Yoann Lemoine, envisioned for the moody and melancholy video accompanying the tune.

"I wanted to work on the coldness of feelings in a very visual way, playing with the snow, the distance and sadness," Lemoine tells MTV News. "[Taylor] really liked it," adds the director, whose previous work includes the clip for Katy Perry's 'Teenage Dream.' "The winter theme was very interesting to me -- the snow, the ice. I even wanted the guy to go swim in frozen lakes at some point."

The "guy" to whom he's referring is actor Guntars Asmanis, who plays Taylor's former love interest in the icy clip. Interestingly, Taylor's scenes were shot in Nashville while Guntars' part was filmed in upstate New York. And while Guntars may bear some resemblance to a number of Taylor's exes, pop-culture theorists who live for this sort of thing are fairly convinced the song is actually about that other Taylor, actor Taylor Lautner, with whom the singing superstar reportedly split in December 2009.

Consider PopEater's exhaustive dossier of 10 lyrical and visual clues linking the 'Twilight Saga' star to the the regret-filled tune and video from the superstar's latest multi-platinum album, 'Speak Now.' Our favorite clues:

  • * Guntars is sitting on the bleachers of a school stadium. Taylor L's character in 'Valentine's Day' (which also co-stars Taylor S.) can be seen in a similar setting, as he runs track and jumps hurdles. The stadium's dark blue paint job just happens to be the same color as Taylor L's home state of Michigan's college football team, the Wolverines.
  • * Taylor S's room in the video features elephant memorabilia, including statues and bookends. The couple were often spotted together at the Elephant Bar, in Valencia, Calif.
  • * Spotted on the dining room table in the video: an apple, which happens to be the same fruit appearing on the cover of 'Twilight.'
  • * Among the titles on the bookshelf in the clip: 'Mastering Spanish' is clearly visible. In 'Valentine's Day,' Felicia (the singer's character in the film), says she first noticed Taylor L's character, Willy, because "he used to shoot spit wads at me in Spanish class."

(Read the rest of Popeater's 'Back to December' Lautner-links here.)

Whomever the song and the clip is actually meant to represent, one thing's for sure -- the video is icy cold and smoking hot all at the same time!

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