Happy Birthday, Taylor Swift! The music superstar turns 23 today (Dec. 13), and already has everything she ever dreamed of and more, including the CMA and ACM's highest honors, Entertainer of the Year, and six Grammys.

It's always fun to see the blond beauty win an award, as she always seems so genuinely shocked! "People make so much fun of me for that," the singer-songwriter once lamented in an interview with Katie Couric, when asked about her signature "surprise face." "But when it's you, and you've watched these award shows your whole life, and you're at the Grammys and they call your name, that freaks you out! Trust me. It is a crazy thing to happen to a person ... I think people get excited about awards, no matter what -- they just don't show you. I think they go home and they lock themselves in their closet and jump up and down."

We're not making fun of you, birthday girl. We appreciate your humility! Flip through 23 photos of Taylor's award wins in the gallery below.

Flip Through Photos of Taylor's 'Shocking' Awards