Congratulations to Stealing Angels' Tayla Lynn and fiancé Jon Finger, who are expecting a baby boy! The granddaughter of Loretta Lynn tweeted the news this afternoon (March 13). It's a big week for the couple, who will tie the knot legally this weekend, followed by a wedding in Capri, Italy, next month.

"I have never EVER felt the way I did today when we found out we were having a son," Tayla posted on her Facebook page today. "I pray to never forget that moment. God is too good. Aug. 2nd is our due date! Within a year of knowing my soulmate we will have gotten engaged, moved to Seattle, moved to Nashville, gotten pregnant, found out we are havin a little boy, havin a boy, now what?!"

Their dream Italian wedding is set for April 6. Among the attendants are 11 bridesmaids, including Tayla's Stealing Angels cohorts Caroline Cutbirth and Jennifer Wayne.

Tayla shares the account of how she met Jon on their wedding website: "To come home for one night in the middle of the week and have a commitment to go to a bar opening was not my idea of a rejuvenating time," she writes. "I remember laying on the couch wishing I could just stay there all night. My conscience got the best of me, so I threw on my motorcycle boots, with no motorcycle, and headed to 2nd Avenue in downtown Nashville. The family of one of Stealing Angels' best friends owns a very popular restaurant named Dick's Last Resort, and they were celebrating with a big grand opening. I found Jon Cody, a stranger at the time, in less than 2 minutes. I walked in and saw Jen and there he was. I grabbed his arm ... That was it."

The couple got engaged in July, less than two months after meeting. "When you fall in love, you just know," Tayla said at the time [quote via]. "The love of my life, with the sweetest, most genuine, heartfelt words a girl could ever dream of, asked me to be his wife. How could there be any other answer? YES!"

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