Tayla Lynn is a married woman! The Stealing Angels singer wed Jon Cody Finger on Friday, April 6, in a romantic ceremony in Italy.

"We could've never dreamed our wedding would have been as perfect as it was," the blushing bride shared on Facebook. "A fairytale. Very intimate, the top of Anacapri, Italy. Spiritual, real, sweet, a treasured memory."

The songbird may have traveled overseas for the nuptials, but she carried a bit of her country charm with her. Pictures of the bride and groom (found here) show Tayla Lynn in a white wedding gown with cowboy boots peeking out from underneath her dress.

The granddaughter of Loretta Lynn became engaged in August 2011, and announced in March that she and Jon Cody are expecting their first child in August 2012. "I have never EVER felt the way I did today when we found out we were having a son," Tayla shared when she learned the good news. "I pray to never forget that moment. God is too good."

The newlyweds are enjoying a two-week vacation in Italy, before they return home to prepare for the arrival of their newborn. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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