Canadian singer-songwriter Tami Neilson is debuting the music video for her track “Lonely” exclusively for readers of The Boot.

"Lonely" is a soulful, sultry single that evokes a modern blend of Amy Winehouse and Patsy Cline in both substance and style. Its accompanying pensive, personal video features Neilson and her band setting up for and getting ready for a show, and performing the track onstage; some joking around in the green room belies the track’s moody aesthetic.

“Lonely looks like photographs of when we met / Lonely stole your side of the bed,” croons Neilson in the song's chorus. ”Please stop him / I want you here instead.”

"Lonely" is the kind of track listeners will want to play with the shades drawn when feeling a little sad -- which is in keeping with the rest of Don’t Be Afraid, Neilson's recently released album, on which “Lonely” appears. The disc was completed in the aftermath of personal tragedy: While recording and writing for the project, Neilson’s father, with whom she’d spent time touring across Canada and opening for artists such as Johnny Cash as part of the Neilson Family Band, unexpectedly passed away. At the encouragement of her family, Neilson completed Don't Be Afraid and released it in tribute to him.

“I actually inadvertently wrote the title track (without realizing it would be for the album) the week Dad died. "Don’t Be Afraid" was the last song Dad wrote, while in the hospital,” recalls Neilson. “He had written the melody, lyrics and everything, but he was on oxygen and could barely breathe to speak. He told me that it was driving him crazy that he had this new song stuck in his head but had no way of offloading it. It’s an awful feeling, I know, so I said I would bring him in his guitar so he could play it, and I’d record it on my phone.”

If you haven’t yet heard of Tami Neilson, you’ll want to take note: In her adopted home of New Zealand, she’s received more awards than any other artist, in any musical genre. Don’t Be Afraid was released there in 2015, where it debuted at the top of the charts; the album was released in the States on Sept. 30 and debuted at No. 35 on the Americana chart.

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