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Christmas Birthdays: Singers Born During the Holiday Season
For some reason, people are fascinated by those born on Christmas Day. Perhaps it's pity for having to share your special day with the biggest Christian holiday of the year. Or, maybe it's jealousy over the extra gifts! Whatever the reason, The Boot would like to take a moment to celebrate…
Emmylou Harris Hosts Woofstock Music Festival
Emmylou Harris loves animals as much as she does music, so it was a natural move for her to create Woofstock, a music festival that welcomes dogs. The event, to be held Aug. 18 at the Fontanel mansion just outside Nashville, will help raise money for Bonaparte's Retreat, the facility Emmylou founded…
New Faces: Amber Hayes
Artist: Amber Hayes
Influences: Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire, Barbara Mandrell
Hometown: Weleetka, Okla.
Current Single: 'Wait'
Listen to 'Wait'

Why We Dig Her: This emerging young country singer combines a deep-rooted appreciation for classic country music with a contemporary edge, r…

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