Nashville-based singer-songwriter Suzie Brown is premiering her new song “Give” exclusively for readers of The Boot.

Brown wrote “Give” about the experience of becoming a mother, and all the triumphs and setbacks that came along with it.

“I have never felt so depleted and yet so fulfilled as I have since becoming a mother,” Brown tells The Boot. “Those many moments when you feel you have nothing left to give, like you could just drop and sleep for a year on the hardwood floor ... are inevitably followed by the most tender, loving, overwhelmingly sweet moments that make it all worthwhile — and then some.”

Along with her distinctive alto and irresistible medleys, Brown also has a decidedly unique background as compared to her peers: When she’s not writing, recording or out on tour, Brown works as a cardiologist at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville. In 2015, she gave a TEDMED talk about her experience of “breaking through the traditional restraints of being a doctor” while trying to make it in the music business.

“Give” is Brown’s first single since her critically acclaimed sophomore effort, Almost There, which was funded by fans and released in 2014. She plans to release her third album this spring; further details have yet to be announced.

Listen to Suzie Brown, "Give":

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