Americana singer-songwriter Susan Cattaneo has released her fourth studio album, 'Haunted Heart.'

The songstress, who also works as a professor at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Massachusetts, says her latest record gives fans an intimate glimpse into her own life.

"'Haunted Heart’ is really personal for me.” she says. “I’ve spent time in Nashville, writing for others. I enjoyed that, and a lot of those songs found their way onto my previous records. This is the first album where I wrote every song for myself. And it was amazingly liberating.”

The video for the debut single from the album, ‘Lorelei,' debuted on CMT Edge in December.

The lyrics, and accompanying video, come from her own personal experience of a betrayal she experienced from a close friend.

“I lived with the pain and resentment of this incident for a good long while and kept hoping my bitterness would pass,” Cattaneo explains. “Finally, I decided to write about it, and the form that seemed most appropriate was a murder ballad! I kept it upbeat and in a major key, so it has a kind of gleeful madness to it.”

Watch the video here.

The New Jersey native is also teaching a five-part crash course in songwriting for the next month to American Songwriter Magazine’s Songwriters University.  Her first installment, entitled ‘Abracadabra,’ can be read here.