SugarlandAs they prepare for what they say will be a "summer-ish" release date for their next album, Sugarland are also preparing -- with boundless enthusiasm -- for next year's tour.

"Bigger, better, faster, more," Kristian Bush promises Entertainment Weekly.

"We're working on the narrative now," says Jennifer Nettles. "Music is a powerful healer, and the way that translates to people ... I don't want to give it away. That's a really beautiful sentiment. But it's more fun that that."

Famous for their concert theatrics, Jennifer explains why this multi-platinum selling, award-winning duo doesn't just stand there and sing through their string of hits onstage, like some artist do: "Because we're artists, as well as entertainers," she points out. "We like to create not only music, but a musical experience when we're performing live ... and we like for that to have meaning and depth and layers, and texture beyond the songs that are happening."

As Kristian neatly sums up, "It matters because we're fans of music ... and I think it would matter if I was a fan of us."