Simply put: "Sexy song = sexy video," Sugarland lead singer Jennifer Nettles tells The Boot of the brand-new clip for their powerful new single, 'Tonight.' "We wanted to play with the romance and longing of this song. Hopefully that translates."

"I am so excited for our fans to see the glamorous side of Sugarland and hear a new song from our 'Incredible Machine,'" adds guitarist Kristian Bush. "We were inspired in writing this song by the emotional longing we heard in the soundtracks of iconic '80s movies like 'The Breakfast Club,' 'Pretty in Pink' and 'Say Anything.' The feeling of being so in love that you would trade everything for just one day with that someone."

Filmed at the historic Woolworth mansion on New York City's Upper East Side, the 'Tonight' video depicts the superstar country duo in a whole new light, mixing romance, drama, glamor and -- like Jennifer says -- a whole lot of sex appeal. The powerhouse vocalist rocks longer hair for the video, along with three distinct wardrobe changes: a ravishing red dress, flirty dance ensemble and slinky white sweater dress. Perhaps playing off the song's theme of longing to be with someone, she and Kristian are never seen together in the video, as the cameras jump back and forth to strictly solo scenes.

'Tonight' is from Sugarland's fourth studio album, the platinum-selling 'Incredible Machine.' The tune has been a tremendous fan favorite on the duo's tour of the same name.

"This song is an event every night we play it," Kristian reports. "When Jennifer gets to the first big 'Always' and holds it forever, and the band finally kicks in, and the electric guitars rumble to life under her note, it really turns the room into a stadium. I love how the audience start to cheer and scream, and how that energy carries us and the song to a new place. It makes a man want to play guitar!"

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