Atlanta, Ga.-bred duo Sugarland, comprised of Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush, formed with a third member, Kristen Hall, in 2002. Their first album, Twice the Speed of Life, went triple platinum and featured chart-topping singles such as "Baby Girl" and "Something More."

Hall left the group in 2005, and Bush and Nettles released four more albums as a duo before deciding to take a break in order to focus on their individual projects. To fans' delight, the pair ended their five-year-long haitus in December of 2017 with a brand-new single, "Still the Same," followed by a 2018 tour and a new album, Bigger.

Both musicians have found success as solo acts as well: Nettles released two full-length albums, 2014's That Girl and 2016's Playing With Fire, as well as a 2016 Christmas album. Bush, meanwhile, released his first solo single, "Love or Money," in 2013, and has also received several accolades for his busy songwriting career.

However, there's always been something special about the artists' dynamic as a duo. The two have always had fantastic onstage chemistry.

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