As half of country music's hottest duo, Sugarland, it may seem Kristian Bush has all he would want for Christmas. But the singer-songwriter says he still likes receiving presents under the tree ... and he's taken to the band's website to help his loved ones in their search for ideal gifts for him this holiday season.

"Every year my friends and family come asking for a wish list of things I might want for the holidays," writes Kristian. "In my heart I know that since jet packs haven't really been invented yet, and that a BMW is a bit out of reach, and that Virgin Air isn't booking space flight by this Christmas, really a gift for me is anyone's game. My default answer is: Toys. Get me a toy. How about a yo-yo or some silly putty or maybe a balsa wood glider? It always reminds me to be a kid in a world with a great deal of grown-up in it. Somehow I always end up giving toys as gifts, maybe in hopes of activating some karmic holiday spell that would attract a bucketful of plastic and wooden goodies. Toys aside, it turns out that the best gifts I've ever given are the ones that I would have considered keeping for myself. In light of that, I've compiled my first ever gift guide. Let's call it 'Kristian's Big List of 2010 Holiday Awesomeness.'"

"One big disclaimer before you read on," Kristian continues. "I have no idea who you're shopping for, or what this season's trendy Christmas must-have is, so if you're looking for a shortcut, I may not be it. But if you were to ask me what gift to give, what would make your best friend's smile the size of Texas, here are my recommendations. These are the best things I've found this year. (If you're one of my close friends and receive one of the things on this list this year, please grin along and act surprised. A 'Hey, I read about this online and really wanted one! will suffice, and help you make the short list again for next year.) Enjoy, and happy shopping!"

Kristian's list, which can be seen in its entirety here, includes both new items and classics, both cheap and inexpensive, including music gear like headphones, a guitar and a wireless audio adapter, plus random gifts including incense, Dancing Goats coffee and giant Post-It notes.

Perhaps the best Christmas present is seeing their 'The Incredible Machine' CD hit No. 1 on both the country and all-genre charts, and having the album's first single, 'Stuck Like Glue,' reach the Top 5. But there's one more thing Kristian would like, which, if it happens could perhaps be the best present of all.

"I've been trying to get us on 'Chuck,'" Kristian tells The Boot, adding that his fascination with the NBC show is thanks to the appearance of actor Ryan McPartlin (who plays Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcombe on 'Chuck'), in the 'Stuck Like Glue' video. "I've got to do my audition right. I want to be on 'Chuck' real bad."

Sugarland will take some time off the road in 2011, after spending much of 2010 away from home with the Incredible Machine tour. They'll play a couple festivals next year, including the Bayou Country Superfest in May and the We Fest in Minnesota in August.