Brad Paisley has recorded 'Waitin' on a Woman' three times: first for his 2005 album 'Time Well Wasted,' then for a re-issue of 2007's '5th Gear,' and finally for 'Play' in 2008, featuring vocals from Andy Griffith. The '5th Gear' version became Paisley's 12th career No. 1 single, as well as his eighth consecutive No. 1 single. Don Sampson and Wynn Varble co-wrote the tune, and below, Varble tells The Boot about how the hit came about.

A buddy of mine told me about a friend of ours who was in the hospital and wasn't doing well at all. After I hung up with him, I talked to the guy and asked how he was doing. He was in his last days, and I asked him where his wife was. He said he told her to go home, that there was nothing she could do there. That title came to mind, and that little story, the outline of it.

Don and I had started a song the week before that we were going to finish, but Don said, "Shoot, let's write this instead of that other one." We finished it in one day. That afternoon, I went to town to play it for one of my song pluggers down there, Cris Lacy. She hears a million songs, and I looked up at her afterwards, and she had tears down her face. I told Don, "I think we have something if it got through Cris Lacy's hard shell."

About a week later, somebody at Brad Paisley's company played it for him, and he put it on hold, and the rest is history.

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