RaeLynn gets real about her struggle to find true, strong friendships in Nashville on "Fake Girl Town," one of the songs from her 2020 EP Baytown. She's since built a group of close friends, but at the time she wrote the song, the singer admits, those feelings of loneliness were weighing on her.

RaeLynn co-wrote "Fake Girl Town" with James McNair, Cameron Montgomery and Daniel Ross. Below, she shares the story behind the song -- which she hopes is encouraging to anyone, anywhere, who's fighting to fit in -- with The Boot, in her own words.

With "Fake Girl Town," the reason why I wanted to release it is because I believe, at the end of the day, we're all supposed to build each other up, as women. It's our job to be there for each other ... but I know that, no matter where you live ... you're gonna have that sense of where you feel like there's certain cliques that everybody fits in. And that's anywhere; it doesn't matter where you go.

And that's why I released this, because I just think about, you know, having a song out there for a new girl that just moved to Nashville, or a girl that maybe just moved to California to start an acting career, or a girl that moves somewhere to start a doctorate -- you know, there's just so many times where people go into new spaces and they're trying to figure out the group of women that they can trust and love and that's going for the same dream as them but doesn't have any ill will toward them ...

I wanted one of those girls to listen to this song and realize they're not alone in it. It takes a second to find your friends and find the people you can trust, but once you find them, it is the most beautiful thing.

I wrote this song as kind of a cry for help. I remember, when I wrote it, I was so sad, and it was something that was laying so heavy on my heart. I was talking to my friend, and I was like, "Where's the girls that are just, like -- that love God but wanna talk about breakups? Where's the girls that are chasing the same dream as me but that, like, don't really talk about it, they just love you for you?"

But when I listen back on it, I'm so thankful that I wrote that song because I know this song is going to touch so many of those young girls -- and really any girl -- that has felt that sense of emptiness and finding that.

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