Eric Church's sixth career single, 'Love Your Love the Most,' was his first Top 10 hit on the Billboard country charts. Church and Michael P. Heeney co-wrote the song, the first single from Church's 'Carolina' record. Church released the tune in February 2009; below, he tells The Boot about how the track came to be.

I was watching a football game one day, drinking a beer, sitting around in my PJs. My wife had read somewhere some quote about me hating love songs. She asked me out of curiosity, "Why is that?" I told her that when people come to my shows, our crowds are very much fists-in-the-air, beer-in-the-air kind of crowds. Normally the guys have their fists up, and they're singing along, and the girls are on their shoulders doing the same thing. I find when I play a ballad, the fists go down, the beer goes down. So it's always hard to write a song that's considered a love song and keep that anthem quality.

As I was sitting there watching a football game with a beer in my hand, the idea came to me. I thought, maybe there's a way to do this and make it work. I ended up finishing the song a week later in Texas, when we were playing a show there. I really just wrote about what I saw. I wrote about the people -- about the girls that were on the guys shoulders, and what they had in common with each other.

It turned into a song that became what I set out for it to be. When we started playing it, the fists stayed in the air, the beer stayed in the air.

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