Jordan Davis' self-titled 2020 EP includes the single "Almost Maybes," an upbeat look back at -- and, in a way, a tribute to -- the relationships that ended so a forever love could begin. Think of it as Garth Brooks' "Unanswered Prayers" for Gen Z.

Below, Davis shares the story behind "Almost Maybes" with The Boot. Read on to hear, in his own words, how he and co-writers Jesse Frasure and Hillary Lindsey created the track.

I wrote that with Jesse Frasure and Hillary Lindsey. They're becoming two of my go-to writers. I love Hillary to death; she's one of my favorite voices in Nashville. And Jesse just always brings -- he's just a fun guy to have in the room, a great writer, and obviously great when it comes to production and kinda having a vibe already when you get there.

I believe it was Hillary's [idea]. I'm so bad at remembering how these things get cranked up, because I guess we just get so used to doing them ... I can't really remember if it was Hillary or Jesse that threw that title out, and [they] really, I don't think, had an idea that was going with it, but I just loved the way that sounded: "Almost Maybes."

And I think then we just kinda started brainstorming what that could be, and I think Hillary kinda started talking about past relationships, and there's a lot of "almost maybes" that, thank God they didn't work out, because we all found the people that we were supposed to be with. I had a song called "Detours" that talks about me and my wife meeting each other, and the person I was before; I felt that it was in that vein.

The track that Jesse had going, I just loved it, and it was an idea that, I think, if -- You know, you're talking about past relationships and breakups and stuff like that. The first impression is to go to negative town and have this sad but redemptive song, but it doesn't do that with Jesse's stuff, you know? Everything's so up and positive ...

I love the message of it. I think everybody can relate to those people in your life that, it might not have been the right one, and it sucked at the time when you're going through it, but it just gets you one step closer to the person you're gonna be with.

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