Country music artist Stoney LaRue was arrested on Monday morning (July 20), after pushing his girlfriend down the stairs during an argument, according to police.

LaRue was in Oklahoma City for a concert, but on Monday at around 7AM local time, police officers responded to a report of a domestic incident, called in by LaRue's girlfriend of three years, Amanda Winsworth. Sergeant Jennifer Wardlow of the Oklahoma City Police Department tells Saving Country Music that a female contacted police saying that LaRue had pushed her down the stairs.

According to the report, LaRue had gone out for drinks with a female friend, identified as 43-year-old Richa Chandra, and when the two arrived home at around 4AM, intoxicated and making a lot of noise, Winsworth decided to go sleep in her car.

“She goes out to the car to sleep, gets up shortly before 7AM yesterday morning (July 20), needs to get around, get ready, and the commotion of her getting ready disturbed [LaRue] because he wanted to sleep,” Wardlow says; LaRue was allegedly angry about the volume of Winsworth's hairdryer, according to FOX23. “So he grabbed her curling iron and threw it down the stairs, grabbed her makeup bag and threw it down the stairs. According to the report, when she was bending down to pick those items up, he pushed her, and she kind of went head over feet down the stairs. So officers took him into custody without any problem [and] arrested him."

Officers charged LaRue domestic abuse. He was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail and was later released on bond. Chandra was "hindering" the officers and ended up being taken to jail as well, on counts of obstruction and public drunkenness.

Winsworth reportedly had scrapes and scratches on her left leg and knee and scratches on her back. She and LaRue have been living together for two years.

However, on Tuesday, Winsworth tweeted, "The happenings of this incident have been blown out of proportion by the media. I was never struck by my boyfriend @stoneylarue. Please respect our privacy while we fix this matter."