Steel Magnolia, the duo comprised of Joshua Scott Jones and Meghan Linsey, has played the Grand Ole Opry several times but Wednesday night (July 25) will mark a special occasion as the duo will be debuting their version of the Paul McCartney classic, "Maybe I'm Amazed," and introducing fans to the Linda McCartney tribute album project to benefit the Women and Cancer Fund.

"It feels like a lifetime ago when we cut it," says Joshua. "So much has happened since then. In a lot of ways, 'Maybe I'm Amazed' -- which started as a favorite McCartney song -- has become a soundtrack for Meg and I. It's amazing how music holds people together, how it heals and makes a difference."

It's been an amazing 2012 for the duo, for sure. At the beginning of the year, Josh was newly out of rehab when reports surfaced that the engaged couple had broken up. They also left their record label, Big Machine. In addition to working on a new album, they are touring throughout the summer. The Women and Cancer Fund remains something they are committed to sharing with fans while on the road.

"Certainly the difference Dr. Alvarez is making is worth paying attention to," says Linsey. "She -- and the Women and Cancer Fund -- are blazing paths into the way cancer is treated, something Linda McCartney believed in and embraced. It's amazing what can be done beyond the conventional, and this charity supports that."

Steel Magnolia performed "Maybe I'm Amazed" last fall during Let Us In Nashville's launch show at the Ryman Auditorium, to benefit the Women and Cancer Fund. The Let Us In project was founded in Linda McCartney's memory (she died of cancer in 1998 at age 56) and blessed by Sir Paul McCartney.

"The blessing of what we were both born to do is the way music can move people," says Josh. "A song can move people, make them aware and do something. If it inspires people to look at other ways to treat cancer, to consider the alternatives ... as well as what's traditional ... that's a good thing."

"It's all scary stuff when you're dealing with cancer," adds Meghan. "To have options, to have knowledge when it's someone you love going through it makes you feel stronger. I want there to be a cure, but I also want people going through it right now to have hope -- and maybe feel connected to something a little larger. To me, that's what songs like this, as well as the charity, can do."

Click on the link to learn how you can help the Women and Cancer Fund.