Hot new duo SmithField, made up of Jennifer Fiedler and Trey Smith, are premiering their single "Good Ol' Days" exclusively for The Boot's readers.

The uptempo, feel-good song sounds just like something that could easily be blaring on a car radio or getting a crowd to stand to their feet in a packed arena. With lines such as, "The good ol' days are the nights we chase down memories / The good ol' days are the nights we're gonna miss / Every kiss, every risk, every second we get / Soak in, don't forget, no, never forget / The good ol’ days are nights like this," the tune illustrates everything to love about SmithField and their upcoming new album.

"We definitely wanna make this record a little more edgy," Fiedler tells the Shotgun Seat. "The focal point will be the harmonies, and we really wanna accentuate that and cut good songs and do fun songs.

"We also have a few songs that are deeper," she continues. "I like having the song that the 70-year-old is gonna relate to and cry and love, and then having the song that the 15-year-old is gonna love and dance to, so we wanna be able to reach a wide range of audiences. I think this record will do that; it’ll appeal to all ages."

The singers, who were lifelong friends before they started making music together, relocated from their home state of Texas to Nashville to work on their debut EP, which they hope to release shortly.

More information on SmithField, including a list of upcoming concerts, is available on their website. "Good Ol' Days" is available for download via iTunes.

Listen to SmithField, "Good Ol' Days":

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