The first time a country singer hears their song on the radio is always a special and momentous occasion. However, for Smithfield's Trey Smith, certain circumstances made the moment even more memorable.

At the time of the big moment, the country duo was on a radio tour, traveling across the country to promote themselves and their music. When the time came for Smith and musical partner Jennifer Fiedler to hear themselves on the radio for the first time, not only were the bandmates together, but the station that played their song was in Smith's hometown of Houston, Texas.

That said, Smithfield weren't anywhere near Houston at the time, so they had to get creative in order to catch the special moment. Read on to hear about the moment in Smith's own words.

I'm from Houston, Texas, and we got a heads up from the radio station that they were gonna play our song for the first time. So we actually weren't in Houston, Texas -- we were in Wisconsin, or something like that -- but we got the phone app that can play it live from wherever they're at.

So I got to hear our song on my hometown station in Houston, Texas, for the very first time. It was ... I almost cried some man tears, I'll put it that way.

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