The Sisterhood Band, consisting of Alyssa Bonagura and Ruby Stewart, began as two solo artists with a lot in common. Not only do they have similar musical inclinations, including a mutual love of folk icon Joni Mitchell, but they also both grew up in the music industry: Stewart is the daughter of rocker Rod Stewart, while Bonagura's parents are Kathie Baillie and Michael Bonagura of the country group Baillie & the Boys.

With their strong ties to the West Coast, it seems only fitting that the duo first heard their song on the radio during a promotional trip to LA. To learn more about that unforgettable -- and serendipitous -- moment, read on as the Sisterhood Band recount the first time they ever heard their song on country radio.

Alyssa Bonagura: We got a call that KKGO was gonna start playing our song, and so we flew out to LA to do radio promotions for them. We knew that it was going to be happening, but we just didn't know when.

So we flew into LA, got the rental car, and we turned on KKGO. We were like, "We gotta hear it! We gotta hear it," and we never heard it, the first day.

The next morning, we got up to go do something, and we got in the car, and right before we turned on the radio, I looked at Ruby and said, "Okay, now time for some Sisterhood Band." And I turned up the radio and it was literally playing the beginning of "Get Up and Go." It was the craziest thing, and we were freaking out.

Ruby Stewart: You know what's crazy, is that you write these songs in odd places -- like, bathroom floors, or at a table, or whatever -- and then you hear them on the radio and you realize it's grown so much. It's crazy that millions of people can hear it, or thousands, or whatever, but you wrote it in a simple place. So that was pretty crazy.

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