Iconic '90s alt-folk band Sister Hazel are premiering their new song "On and On" exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play below to listen, and get ready for a little bit of nostalgia that recalls some of the group's earliest hits.

As its title might indicate, "On and On" is a track that's all about the right kind of romantic relationship — the type that lasts forever. "This song is about a commitment to someone very special -- the person who is always there for you," says Sister Hazel's Ryan Newell. Upbeat with a touch of instrumental edge, "On and On" is the kind of track that you can imagine a newly-in-love couple declaring "their song."

After scoring multiple twang-infused hits in the '90s with songs such as "All for You" and "Happy," Sister Hazel released their first full-fledged country album, titled Lighter in the Dark, in 2016. In the coming weeks, the band is set to release a new EP, Fire, on which "On and On" appears. It follows their two most recent EPs, Water and Wind, and is the third of four EPs in their Elements series of EPs (the Earth EP is still forthcoming).

"Our promise was to make more music more often," Sister Hazel guitarist and vocalist Andrew Copeland told The Boot in early 2018, "and we're on schedule to make that happen."

Sister Hazel's Fire EP is due out on Feb. 8. Visit SisterHazel.com for more information.

Listen to Sister Hazel's "On and On"

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