50 Cent versus Kanye West, Toby Keith versus the Dixie Chicks ... Blake Shelton versus Nick Lachey? The two singers are "feuding" on the new reality show, 'Clash of the Choirs.' But somebody needs to tell that to Lachey.

"I've started a feud with Nick Lach-eeee," Shelton told AOL Music while guest-hosting our Top 11 Show on Tuesday, humorously botching his competitor's name. "I'll admit, I'm a little bit jealous of him, because women scream for him and just ignore me when I walk by. But he doesn't know we're in a feud. I keep throwing these jabs, but I don't think he's feeling the heat from me yet. I've gotta step it up a notch or two. So maybe on tonight's show, I'll resort to getting really down and dirty."

But it's not Lachey whom Shelton is worried about beating. In fact, he jokes he's going to really get down and dirty with the choir he thinks is his team's biggest competition.

"I believe that the final two choirs will be Team Shelton and Patti LaBelle's choir," the country star predicts of Thursday's finale. "And I hate this ... I wasn't going to resort to this, but I still have that vile of the strep throat virus that I brought with me from Vanderbilt Hospital. [laughs] And I learned a long time ago that if you want to win, sometimes you've got to cheat. So, don't be surprised if Patti has to bow out of the competition because she and her choir have been infected by the strep throat virus."

Shelton isn't dissing everyone on the NBC reality show. In fact, he says he has found himself an admirer in one of his other celebrity competitors.

"I've never been a guy who can really pick up on hints from girls. But Kelly Rowland, she doesn't even try to hide that she has a huge crush on me," Shelton laughs. "It's really over the top. She's fallen in love with me, and I think it's kinda cute."

Somebody call the tabloids.

'Clash of the Choirs' airs this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 8pm ET. The winners on Thursday's finale will receive a prize to donate to their favorite hometown charity.

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